Outdated Trends Klamath Falls Homeowners Should Watch for When Selling Their Home

When you’re ready to put your house up for sale, the last thing you need is a lack of style holding back what would otherwise be a slam dunk of a home sale. To help you avoid falling into this potential trap and make your property sale a cinch, let’s go over some outdated trends Klamath Falls homeowners should watch for when selling their homes.

Uncompromising Themed Decor

As we get into another year in the midst of the world adapting to changing conditions, it’s becoming clear that we have been spending a lot more time at home.

Particularly, this homebody lifestyle has led to a shift in the way we both view and choose to decorate our living spaces. Creating cohesive areas by decorating on a theme has been very popular for a while, but spending so much time at home the last couple of years took it to another level.

These decorating decisions may seem very harmonious to us, but potential buyers may not be interested in the full home decor theme of cats or the Old West.

Instead of treating your home’s decor as if it were a ride at a certain Orlando vacation destination, take a step back and try viewing the space as a buyer. You want them to be able to envision themselves and their belongings in your space without having to spend a bunch of money redecorating.

Toning the themed decor down and keeping things neutral in order to remove distractions and letting the buyer focus on the home buying experience as a whole will make it much easier for Klamath Falls homeowners to succeed in selling their home this year.

Overdone Lighting

Similar to themed decor, the lighting went from a necessity within the home to an attempt to bring the nightclub into the abode.

Colored lighting setups can have their uses in creating ambiance or even provide a utilitarian solution to prevent eye strain, but homeowners should be careful with how far they take things if they’re planning on selling their home.

This also includes the use of white light as opposed to yellow light. Consistent usage of bright, white light throughout your home can make it feel unwelcoming or like a hospital. Turning down both the brightness and color of your home’s lighting is an easy way to broaden the home’s appeal on the open market.

Staged and Lifeless

A common thread that you can see throughout each of these trends is that they all tend to cater to a niche clientele that you just happened to be a part of while living there.

Oftentimes a property can do a lot to sell itself if it is presented in a well-kept, neutral, and welcoming state. Keeping that in mind, if you find yourself in a situation where you have already moved out of the home, think about the possibility of staging.

A local real estate professional can advise if they feel staging your home is worth it based on how buyers react in the area. In some cases, a market may benefit from a home that is left blank compared to staging it and making it feel lived in by robots.

Staging can have the effect of leaving a home looking and feeling overly sterile, or it can be the key to a successful sale. This tends to boil down to each individual market and the buyers within that market. 

Whichever direction you decide to go, we suggest doing a practice walkthrough with an unbiased third party to get a read on how your interested parties may perceive your property.

Giving Homeowners Guidance Selling Their Home in Klamath Falls

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